Steve Beno

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job? I’d like to think I’m pretty good at identifying big picture growth opportunities and keeping myself and others on task to make continuous steps, even if they are baby ones, towards realizing them. Dictate your day, don’t let your day dictate you! I also think I can help others identify their strengths and how to best apply them to those larger initiatives.  

What are you passionate about?My life long struggle is that I am way too passionate about way too much. Want to talk about which replacement fantasy football player you should start this weekend? You’re going to get a much more fired up response than is probably warranted. To focus on what matters most, I’ve worked to reduce my strongest passions to these items in this order: 

  1. My family and all the fun, wonderful things we do together
  2. (Monday – Friday) Emkat and all ways I can help our staff deliver great results to our clients 
  3. (Sundays) Fantasy Football and the Green Bay Packers
  4. Star Wars
  5. Writing, which I would probably do more of if I moved it to 2b.

What’s your favorite memory? My favorite non-sappy, non-tear-jerking memory is witnessing Yancy Thigpen drop an easy wide-open pass that gifted the Green Bay Packers their first division title, excluding strike seasons, of my life on Christmas Eve in 1995. I was in the first row on the opposite end of the field and had buried my face into my hands when he “caught” the ball. As I was thinking, “same old Packers,” I heard an eruption on the opposite side of Lambeau Field that turned into a rolling thunder of cheers that “he dropped it! HE DROPPED IT!” Ok, I lied about the non-tear-jerking part. And we, of course, have never been the “same old Packers” ever since!

What super power would you like to have? The ability to turn anything I wanted into delicious, and yet somehow calorie free, cheese. Cheese that could also be melted and turned into THE replacement of all fossil fuels. Tell me one world-wide problem this would not solve…agreed, you can’t.