Plunkett’s Pest Control, Inc. Uses Brother PocketJet®3 Mobile Printers to Help Eliminate Handwritten Forms and Print OnDemand Customer Documents in the Field

Plunkett’s is a leading pest control company headquartered in Fridley, MN. They service customers in eight states in the Upper Midwestern United States. Their customers range from residential homeowners and renters to commercial facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, grocery stores and food processing facilities, schools and universities, farms and more.

Because they work with potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides, Plunkett’s is legally required to keep documentation on the pesticides they use at each location. In addition, they often leave paperwork behind with the customer that’s specific to each service they perform. Their current system, with handwritten forms, was no longer good enough to meet their business needs.

For Plunkett’s, printing documents in the field was a new process. A mobile printer was not part of their previous solution, but they needed to automate many of their paper-based processes. Among other things, they needed a way for their field technicians to print statements of work, invoices, and other material for their customers, on site.

When looking for a suitable mobile printer, Plunkett’s turned to Emkat, Inc., a solution provider based in Plymouth, MN, for help. Even though the company considered both small-format and full-size printers, Plunkett’s requirement to mimic their existing paper forms meant that a full-size mobile printer was the only option.

In addition, Plunkett’s didn’t want their technicians having to deal with replacing ink or other printing supplies, so they needed a direct thermal printer.

Emkat automated Plunkett’s field service business processes with mobile handheld computers, and recommended the Brother PocketJet 3 mobile printers with Bluetooth ® wireless technology as part of their solution.

Plunkett’s liked the printers as soon as they began using them. They worked well with their handheld computers, and the 8½” x 11” format meant that Plunkett’s wouldn’t have to redesign their forms to fit the printer.

The Brother PocketJet 3 ultra-portable mobile printers feature full-page, 200 dpi direct thermal printing on letter, legal or A4 size paper. They are small and lightweight, measuring only 1.18 “ H x 10.04” W x 2.17” D and weighing only 1.12 lbs with the battery. They can be easily carried or mounted* in a vehicle. Using the Bluetooth ® wireless technology interface minimizes the need for additional cabling.

Brother PocketJet 3 printers were designed with the dual objective of providing excellent print quality while lowering the cost of mobile printing.

Each of the Plunkett’s 200+ service technicians is equipped with a handheld computer and a Brother PocketJet 3. The technicians use the PocketJet 3 to print “leave behinds” for their customers. A leave behind is an invoice that tells the customer the location where the work was performed, the material that was used to treat the pests, comments about the location (sanitation issues or other problems that may help in getting rid of the pests), service order information, the price of the service, signatures and technician information.

“The PocketJet 3 printers have been a good solution for our technicians. They are able to print out invoices for our residential customers and detailed description reports for our commercial clients,” says Becky Miller, Technical Support and Training for Plunkett’s. “Handwritten forms are a thing of the past. The same information is now being printed by all our technicians on site. Customers don’t have to wait to get invoices or other important information. All of our requirements are being met.”

Brother PocketJet 3 and PocketJet 3 Plus printers have proven their value and effectiveness in many mobile applications. They are used by mobile professionals and are deployed in field service applications throughout the United States.

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