Is the Sky Really 

Falling for Windows


Until recently, Windows Embedded Handheld and CE were the industry standards for enterprise mobile computing. 

However, Microsoft has ended support or will soon end support for all versions of Windows Embedded Handheld and CE between January 2020 and April 2021.This doesn’t mean it’s time to panic, but it’s definitely time to assess the impact on your operations and determine the next steps for ensuring your mobile future. For an in depth analysis on why most companies are switching to an Android OS, check out our latest blog post. To setup a free 1-on-1 Consultation please click the link below. 

Assessing the Impact on Your Business

Millions of Windows handheld mobile devices will be affected by Microsoft’s end of support for the most popular enterprise versions of Windows.

However, if you have an extended support plan, some manufacturers may be able to provide support beyond 2021. There may also be steps you can take today to keep your devices running longer while planning for a migration in the future. 

Emkat will help you understand what's happening, assess the impact on your business and show you how you can turn OS migration into a technological win for your company!

Developing Your Plan

Ultimately, everyone will need to upgrade their mobile OS. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Our experts are here to you help you identify your best options, develop a complete plan, and execute a successful migration.

A good plan should include a careful analysis of which OS is right for you in the future, as most of the enterprise mobile industry is now shifting to Android instead of Windows.

You can start now by reading our white paper:  Key Considerations When Choosing a Mobile Operating System, or contact us now to set up a free one-on-one web consultation.

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It's Time to Think About Your Future Mobility Strategy!

A major transformation is happening in enterprise mobile computing. Thousands of companies and most top device manufacturers are migrating from Windows Mobile to Android. 

In fact, only 4% of new enterprise handheld computers come with Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system, Windows 10 IoT. Additionally, many app developers are also abandoning Windows in favor of Android.

As the world’s most popular mobile OS, Android offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface along with many development tools and a global developer community that makes it much faster and easier to migrate applications and create new solutions. 

A modern Android OS will help maximize your mobile productivity and efficiency. Android platforms and devices, can allow up to 14% greater worker productivity, with 40% faster data entry and 60% fewer errors.

Android’s better ease of use and touch-screen simplicity helps workers get more done in less time, with greater accuracy.

Taking advantage of these benefits begins with the right steps in planning and executing your mobile strategy.

The 4 Steps 

to Migrating to a 

New Mobile OS

1. Assess App Compatibility

  • Unless your current apps and databases are already compatible, you’ll need to re-write them.
  • You’ll need to decide between native or web-based apps depending on your requirements.
  • New hardware means you’ll likely need to reconfigure your wired and WLAN networks as well.

2. Define Environmental and User Requirements

  • Examine how you’re using mobile computers and how you’ll need to use them in the future.

  3. Choose Mobile Devices that Best Suit Your Needs

  • A mobile OS migration almost guarantees that you’ll need to upgrade to new hardware.
  • But you’ll get faster performance, more computing power and battery life, and better scanning.
  • Our team will show you all the latest technology options to fit your needs and budget

4. Determine Deployment Strategy

  • Plan for extensive testing to avoid discovering bugs or issues after migration.
  • Thoroughly test all devices, apps and networks before you go live.
  •  Train all your employees on your new devices and apps, and deploy!
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