Aruba AP68/AP68P Wireless Access Point

Image of Aruba AP68/AP68P Wireless Access Point from Emkat.

The multifunction AP-68 and AP-68P* 802.11n Aps are designed for small, very low-density deployment areas in offices, hospitals, schools and retail stores. These compact non-MIMO APs deliver wire-like performance at data rates up to 150 Mbps. The AP-68 is ideal for environments that require a wireless LAN with enterprise-class security and reliability, but do not need to support high densities of Wi-Fi clients or extended range. These APs are ideal for organizations that are transitioning from wired to Wi-Fi, and those that are upgrading from 802.11b/g to 802.11n.

AP68, AP68P, AP-68, AP68P


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